how to install foam board insulation on exterior walls

An insulated home is one of the best ways to ensure energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Remove the existing wall board or plaster from a wood frame wall, add or upgrade the existing wall cavity insulation and then install the vapour barrier, new drywall and finish. How to Install Batt Insulation in Walls in Existing Homes. To compensate for the thick foam, we extend all rough openings with site-built boxes made of 3/8-inch plywood. Thanks for the helpful video and information. Planks then 2 layers of foam then plywood? A. "And I have a damp spot in the area and blackened the wood board." This article explains what rigid foam is and the benefits it … Roll Insulation . Get building science and energy efficiency advice, plus special offers, in your inbox. Best for floors, foundation and basement walls, interior and exterior wall sheathing and low-sloped ceilings. 4. A. suggestions. foam leaking I am insulating the outside of a cabin with 1.5 inch foam board - no insula... Why Do You Need a Moisture Barrier Under Laminate Flooring? How to Install Foam Insulation Board in ... How to Install Foam Insulation Board in A Basement. Calculate the size of the area in which the foam board insulation is to be installed. I also need to consider the stud wall thickness since we do want the posts and beams to be partially exposed...And if the tapered posts are not at least 6" deep at the base then we may be forced to use 2X4's... 3. Stagger all layers of foam, caulk all outer edges, tape all seams. Any rigid foam board below grade must have 6-mil poly slip sheet covering the entire exterior surface as it is not qualified to be considered self-draining insulation. It is necessary to install furring strips horizontally after every 2 feet. Installation Questions ... R10 alone might not be sufficient, so if you are planning to stud the wall then install at … This won't delete the articles you've saved, just the list. Even the corners are “woven” together with alternating pieces. corner boards screws. Read our how-to guide to learn how to install insulation in any part of your house. How can you fix what? Foam board insulation can add insulation and eliminate thermal bridging when used in wall and ceiling assemblies insulated with batts. At what wall thickness are the plywood boxes required for the windows? What would you recommend for foam panel/cold roof insulation on the exterior since I plan on re-roofing anyway and can also add fiberglass between the log rafters? Exterior Wall. insulation.) What do I do now? A mold expert told me to put the board on top of the framing, not directly onto the concrete wall so the house can breath. Skip the housewrap, and detail the foam as the water-resistive barrier (WRB). Joints and openings may be sealed with Owens Corning JointSealR® Foam Joint Tape. Cut your polyurethane foam board insulation to fit these measurements. Project house weekly wrap episode 5 housewrap and exterior foam continuous rigid insulation sheathing siding building america measure guideline incorporating thick layers of exterior rigid advanced frame wall construction building science corp rigid foam insulation installed between existing house and garage rigid foam insulation for existing exterior walls building. It’s virtually impossible to install the strapping that supports the foam sheathing as the foam is going up. My wife and I are not a big fan of the "Lincoln Log" look, so I'm looking into covering over the exterior of the milled logs with a conventional siding. Better yet, reduce thermal bridging by upgrading the stud cavity and adding 50 mm x 50 mm (2 in. 6. Repair it. Boxing window openings x 2 in. Ensure that washers and screws are protected from rudiments by applying fiber glass tape on top of them. How to Install a Furring Strip to Cement Wall, Home Insulation Installation - Preparation, Using Foam Board Insulation to Help Insulate a Floor, How to Streamline Water Drainage Around the House. "I looked under one of the plastic siding outside and it looks like the siding is attached right to the foam." Insulation While standard insulation jobs require you to measure between studs, you will measure the entire wall in this case. To boost the R-value of the walls, 4 inches of polyisocyanurate foam is being added to the walls and roof. 3. There’s two ways you can go about with foam board insulation. The screws go through the foam into the framing below, which comes in handy when laying out the permanent strapping. David, it would be nice to see a few rough drawings of your key details. "How can I fix it now?" The plank sheathing was installed with no attention to air movement - there are vertical gaps between most planks, but in some areas there are gaps as wide as 6 inches! Sounds like I'll be smart to install plywood and housewrap first, then the polyiso. This can make for a wavy wall, so when it is time to install siding, the crew will pull a string line across the wall and either drive in or back out the screws. Q. "When retrofitting an existing home with cellulose/tar sheathing, would it be best to add the foam in two layers, as described in the video, to meet the min R value for moisture control in my zone or will one layer suffice?". Choose fiberglass insulation batting., How to Install Rigid Foam On Top of Roof Sheathing, Video Series: Exterior Insulation Retrofit — How to Install Foam On a Roof. Installing rigid foam on the outside of a house is a great way to double the R-value and eliminate air leaks. No. It can potentially replace the vapor barrier and house wrap as well. Foam board is particularly effective when used on exterior walls to control heat gain and loss. I built a 2x4 stud wall against all of the exterior walls. Installing in Unfinished Walls Start by measuring the height and width of the wall cavities between the studs. Some builders use 1/2-inch wood sheathing (R-0.6) or asphalt impregnated sheathing, usually called blackboard (R-1.3) to sheath the walls. Properly taped and sealed at the outer edges. What is "the wood board"? Rigid foam insulation offers a thermal resistance between R-5 and R-8, roughly twice that offered by traditional batt insulation. A. View our Privacy Policy here. This directs water away from the foundation surface and adds extra protection from bugs and wind. : This was a lengthy project that involved carefully removing the Aluminum siding off of my house, installing 1inch thick foil faced foam insulation and replacing the Aluminum siding.I have a small house that originally had a stucco exterior, at somet… There is no single answer to your question. Before you begin, wash the wall with water and a mild soap. Terms of the Trade: What Is a Furring Strip? Home insulation saves you money by keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Obviously, wrapping a home with foam insulation saves energy, but it affects overall performance and cost. Here are some links to photos found on the Web to give you some ideas about how other builders do it:,,, Note: Spray foam insulation cost can be estimated here IV. installation: option 3 - interior rigid foam board insulation Rigid foam insulation boards with an R-value that meets or exceeds the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code prescriptive requirement for the home’s location shall be attached to the interior of the wall with construction adhesive applied in a serpentine pattern. What area? The grade of batting will vary, depending on the wall that you’re insulating. In the absence of furring it will be advisable to cut and place the foam board as specified in step 2. An experienced builder explains the ins and outs of airtight exterior insulation. 6. The siding, a sheet product designed to mimic vertical boards, is structurally sound so it is being left in place and then covered with house wrap and foam. Cement. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be 1. Thank you for the quick reply Martin! FOAMULAR® Insulation and fi t joints tightly. Cut the foam with the mark as guide you may use either a knife or saw to accomplish this process. Great Video! Interior Wall. Steve, - Vertical joints must be taped and sealed; if possible, use products with shingle laps or tongue and groove joints. A mold expert told me to put the board on top of the framing, not directly onto the concrete wall so the house can breath. Flash the sheathing around the buck to the window opening with tape or liquid flashing before installing the exterior foam insulation. What are the plastic screws? home improvement and repair website. Strips of plywood nailed to all four surfaces of the rough opening extend from the inner edge out to where the outer edge of the foam will be. I also need the stud plates to repair the bottoms of the vertical planks which have rotted to heights above the sills in some areas. Exterior wall insulation advice desperately wanted! This house was built using traditional posts and beams, with 1 inch thick oak random width VERTICAL planks for the exterior sheathing. To attach the insulation, you can use screws with large washers, a special adhesive made for adhering foam board insulation or, for smaller pieces, you can seal them in with caulk or spray foam. Use maximum board lengths to minimize the number of joints. This thickness strikes a balance between ease of installation and maximum R-value. "I looked under fiberglass insulation in the interior walls and some plastic screws holding the board leak in the winter." Fasten the foam with plywood scraps before the strapping goes on. FOAMULAR® Exterior Wall Installation Follow these manufacturer’s instructions to get the best out of your Owens Corning rigid insulation board. "Even if you meet the minimum R value for your zone for sorption protection, is moisture drainage a potential issue at the bottom of the foam when sealed with caulk/adhesive?". I have a bilevel house about 6years old.I have one room not finished in the lower level or basement.I looked under fiberglass insulation in the interior walls and some plastic screws holding the board leak in the winter.And I have a damp spot in the are and blackend the wood board.I looked under one of the plastic siding outside and it looks like the siding is attached right to the foam.How can I fix it now? Q. Website operating Q. We use construction adhesive or silicone sealant where the foam laps wall plates and outside corners. Exterior Foam Board – This is probably the most common approach to exterior foam insulation. Barring that option, remove it and replace it. Sorry for so many questions, but I can only do this once and prefer it to be the CORRECT way... Key details 3. Is it worth it for the extra R-value in a deeper cavity when there will be foam on the exterior? Response to Steve Wilson How is the screen finished off at the bottom of the foam? Foam board + backed fiberglass insulation -- bad? DuPont™ Thermax™ (ci) Exterior Foam Insulation is a rigid board insulation consisting of a glass-fiber-reinforced polyisocyanurate foam core faced with nominal 1.25 mil embossed BLUE™ thermoset-coated aluminum on one side and 0.9 mil smooth, reflective aluminum on the other. If there is any bare foam board insulation on the exterior wall, it needs to be enclosed with cement board, stucco or metal. Why install insulation in walls? If there is any bare foam board insulation on the exterior wall, it needs to be enclosed with cement board, stucco or metal. Fans in the Attic: Do They Help or Do They Hurt? Windows appear to be the 2nd generation in the house, and the vertical planks have rough openings up to 4 inches per side too wide for the current windows, thus windows are only held in by the exterior trim nailed into the plank sheathing. Some builders switch from 1x4 furring strips to 1x6s or 1x8s at the outside corners; others don't. 7. Polystyrene foam boards, commonly called foamboard, are a clean, lightweight, convenient way to insulate bare concrete walls. Exterior Foam Board – This is probably the most common approach to exterior foam insulation. Again, I want to make this house warm and tight which was not a priority in 1771. When rigid foam insulating sheathing is installed on the exterior walls of a home, the foam can serve as a drainage plane, taking the place of house wrap for time and cost savings. BY DAVID JOYCE. Lastly, the "ell" on the back of the house is 1 story with a cathedral ceiling. I am thinking I would have to extend the roof deck since the sides are pretty much flush with the roof. I'm restoring a saltbox built in CT in 1771. Same log rafter arrangement. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Don’t forget to leave room for the plywood when framing rough openings. Existing Drywall. Really great video. Foam board insulation is a rigid polystyrene product that is available in varying thicknesses and density. In any case, the foam needs to be thick enough to keep the interior of the foam above the dew point in your climate, and the seams need to be carefully taped with a high quality compatible tape. I read in one of your articles when putting up rigid fome to Install two inches of rigid insulation board directly against concrete. When retrofitting an existing home with cellulose/tar sheathing, would it be best to add the foam in two layers, as described in the video, to meet the min R value for moisture control in my zone or will one layer suffice? Always overestimate the amount of insulation you need. That's 3-1/2' thick BEFORE penetrating the studs...and will make installing plywood on the whole house difficult since air driven nails are not available in longer lengths...Or should I skip the plywood since the reattached planks should be strong enough? Thanks-. ", Q. Is there any problems you see with caulking the bottom at angles, much like a w with a couple of inch gap at the bottom of the v portion of the w. So it would look something like / / / . Another belt-and-suspenders approach of ours is using two layers of 2-inch foam rather than one 4-inch layer of foam. This concept, while not new, has become more accepted in recent years and is being used in residential construction. In order to mark longer lines, it is easy to use chalk. 3. Whether you use ISO rigid foam boards or spray foam, an appropriate vapor barrier and proper ventilation should always be in place. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. If the foam is any thicker, it’s hard to hit studs when driving screws. Even though you have carefully described them, some of us probably do better with visuals. strapping 4 inch foam Butt board edges together tightly, and carefully fit around openings and penetrations. Are you talking about vinyl siding? Response to Joshua Riley I have been planning on adding a stud wall to the interior between the posts to provide 16 inch on center framing for electrical, plumbing, fiberglass cavity insulation, window mounting and interior finishes. I would advise that you use polyisocyanurate. wall facing is to determine best board layout. I'm in the process of renovating a kit log cabin home, built in the early 90's. 4. "In a two layer system, can you use unfaced foam for the first layer? ), 50 mm x 76 mm (2 in. Can 1/2" OSB be substituted for framing window openings? By using a 1/2-inch foam insulated sheathing (R-2 to R-3.5) in combination with wall cavity insulation, the total R-value of the exterior wall will be increased, contributing to greater energy efficiency. The lower level has 2 in of XPS rigid foam insulation on the interior walls. What order is best for installation of these items? Mark lines at every 2 feet along the length of the wall using tape. If using batt insulation, select the appropriate size for your wall cavities and the right R-value for your project. "What do I do now?". One way to limit this is to keep the sheathing warm by adding a layer of rigid-foam insulation. Then we nail a strip of window screen several inches wider than the flashing to the vertical part of the drip edge, leaving enough length to wrap under the foam and over the bottom of the strapping that holds the foam in place. Measure the entire wall area to figure out the amount of rigid foam to purchase. The 3/4-inch space this leaves behind the clapboards does two things: it leaves plenty of room for any water that gets in to escape; and it allows the foil facing on the surface of the polyisocyanurate foam to act as a radiant barrier, boosting the insulating value of the wall. Understanding Insulation - Spending Too Much? Darrell, The use of insulating sheathing is becoming popular as consumers and energy codes demand energy-smart details. Step 1 – Install Extrude Polystyrene Insulation Boards. Foam board insulation is easy to cut with a circular saw with a masonry blade or scored with a utility knife and snapped like you would drywall. So I am looking for guidance on the best approach to insulating and siding this house. You would just screw it to the wall, then screw strapping to the same panel for installing future siding, which sure makes the job quicker. It is necessary to install furring strips horizontally after every 2 feet. The next step is to place the foam boards on the adhesive and set it into place. Given the situation with the 1" thick plank sheathing, I think that I should add a layer of 1/2" plywood or OSB to provide structural rigidity (and reduce air movement) to the building - even though I plan to trim clean and reattach the bottom of the planks to the stud plate or additional studs installed on the flat, I feel that the plywood is the best to provide rigidity as well as a good base. Exterior Foam Insulation Retrofit: How To Install Polyiso Panels. Natura Pro exterior fiber cement panel. Two layers is better, but one layer will work. Joshua, Response to Jon Ackley-Jelinek Installing Rigid Foam Insulation on an Interior Wall. Response to Darrell Boards made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) or polyisocyanurate foam ("iso board"). To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Roll Insulation . Why do you have fiberglass insulation in your interior walls? It is much easier to remove extra radiant barrier insulation as opposed to taping additional pieces. Butt the next panel tightly against the first without overlapping.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent A. I have a cold home in the winter and have sprayed expanding foam around rec... [left]Repairing 50 year old external wall framing requiring removal of exte... attach board and batten directly to foam insulation? Plus, combined with 5-1/2 inches of cellulose in the stud bays, 4 inches of rigid foam brings the wall up to a respectable R-40. The … How much space would you leave between the foam and shingle step flashing/roof deck? After, press the panel in between the strips. how do you connect corner boards)? submitted to our " Community Forums". Also water damage. Birds and other critters have gotten into it. Seal the seams between panels, wall corners and door and window openings once the entire house is covered with foam board. 2.

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