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When you make hay on a hot summer day, keeping hydrated is a priority; I was reminded that Ma Ingalls made her family ginger-water also known as 'switchel'. raw honey. Rich and flavorful, these hot drinks are full of good-for-you ingredients that will keep you healthy and strong during the cold winter months. It didn’t need no gas and it didn’t need no oil, Just ran on that good old mountain dew. So, here's what you can stated above, add Everclear to MD. Lunsford frequently defended local clients that were accused of the practice,[2] and the original lyrics and banjo accompaniment to "Good Old Mountain Dew" were written during the course of one of these cases. Tropical Dreams Cider Pop - Darcie's Dish. So, make it like you did, by the way, adding sugar was a good move if the MD refused to let the yeast convert its syrup. GGMS Variation: In blender add: 1/4 cup water juice of one lemon and one lime 1-2 drops each lemon and lime EO stevia AVC to taste (I do 2-4 splashes) ginger powder to taste (I do a small mound on the tip of my teaspoon) Blend well. When Lulu Belle and Scotty needed one more song to finish a 1935 record for Vocalion Records,[3] Wiseman suggested using the song his friend had written. It’s no coincidence that Mountain Dew is one of the names for moonshine. Talk With Us. Amber has lost over fifty pounds on Trim Healthy Mama and she has some great helpful THM You Tubes. For decades, Mountain Dew popularized itself using the image of a barefoot, gun-toting, moonshine-swigging Appalachian man named Grandpappy. But I live in Montana, If you can get imported Mexican Mountain Dew, use it. "Good Old Mountain Dew" (ROUD 18669), sometimes called simply "Mountain Dew" or "Real Old Mountain Dew", is an Appalachian folk song composed by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Scotty Wiseman. Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Carolina - anywhere the Mountain Dew is clear and has a bit more of a kick. Long before it became a soda, the term "mountain dew" was a nickname for moonshine.In the 1930s or '40s (sources vary on the year), brothers Barney and Ally Hartman created a mixer to make whiskey taste better. Let simmer for 3 … [1] At the time, the manufacturing of beverage alcohol for non-medicinal purposes was illegal in the United States due to prohibition, but North Carolina residents nevertheless continued their longstanding tradition of making a form of illegal whiskey called moonshine. For himself, he cracks open a can of Mountain Dew. This Black Cherry Limeade GGMS is your healthy alternative! Enjoy your favorite Holiday treats WITHOUT wrecking your healthy eating plan! In 1928, Lunsford recorded the song for Brunswick Records. Zesty Mountain Dew and whiskey come together in a refreshing, low-brow approximation of the classic cocktail. My Version Good Girl Moonshine Ingredients: Fill a quart-sized canning jar with 1/2 cup of warm water and add approx. Elderberry Good Girl Moonshine. I have always liked Good Girl Moonshine (also called GGMS & "Sunshine" at our house). [8], Since 1935, "Good Old Mountain Dew" has been rerecorded and covered by a wide variety of folk, old time, and country musicians including Grandpa Jones,[3] Glen Campbell, and Willie Nelson. Lunsford wrote several parodies and adaptations of other Irish folk songs; based on this, some folklorists claim that the song "Good Old Mountain Dew" was based on "The Rare Old Mountain Dew". Sparkling Good Girl Moonshine and a Zevia Giveaway. The term "mountain dew" -- according to Merriam-Webster dictionary -- is a synonym for the alcoholic beverage moonshine, dating back to 1816. But, after brewing it, mix it with new Dew. screw on cap and shake. [8] The terms "mountain dew" and "moonshine" are thought to have come to the United States from Ireland. In 2015, the company threw it back to the ’30s with DEWshine, a clear, citrus-flavored soda made with real cane sugar. Along with being an amateur folklorist and musician, Bascom Lamar Lunsford was a lawyer practicing in rural North Carolina during the 1920s. I usually make it in a quart jar with lots of ice. Immune boosting and delicious. The 1928 version of "Good Old Mountain Dew" is close to the style of a ballad. Grandpa Jones often sang songs about moonshine. Hallo-DEW® Cocktails: Life After DEW® MTN DEW® MTN DEW VOO-DEW® Is Back! Manes props one of those unlabeled jars of brown liquor on the bar and offers me a sip. There's good ol' moonshine, the first Mountain Dew soda in 1928, and a 1940s brand of Dew … This is the perfect sipper for those germy winter months. fill quart jar with ice, add 1-2 Tbs apple cider vinegar, add 1/4 tsp-1 tsp ground ginger, add sweetener to taste. The lyrics tell the story of a man's first day in court to answer charges of making illegal alcohol. Dewshine: The Stupid New Teen Drug Panic Drinking Mountain Dew and racing fuel is a bad idea. The THM community sometimes calls it GGMS, and it's basically a sipper drink (meaning you can drink it any time) that contains ginger and apple cider vinegar. It’s called The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW … This version tells of an "old hollow tree" that is used as a dead drop. The first bottles of Mountain Dew featured the image of “Willy the Hillbilly,” along with his pet pig. Elderberry Good Girl Moonshine - Low Carb, Sugar Free, THM FP - Immune boosting and delicious. [4], There is some controversy over the possible connection between "Good Old Mountain Dew" and the Irish folk song "The Rare Old Mountain Dew", which dates to 1916 or earlier (at least a decade before "Good Old Mountain Dew" was written). ... but rather "good ol' mountain dew," the liquor. Heat in the microwave for a minute (or heat 2 cups of water on the stove and transfer to a quart jar). Mountain Dew soda was born in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee. [3] Wiseman copyrighted the song and made sure that 50% of the royalties it earned were given to Lunsford until Lunsford's death.[3]. Are you missing juice? There are two versions of the lyrics, a 1928 version written by Lunsford and a 1935 adaptation by Wiseman. pour in cool tea concentrate, fill with water to the fill line if needed. Fill a quart jar half full of water. Check out this one where she makes a tweak on our original Good Girl Moon Shine. The 1935 lyrics are not ballad-like and do not tell a story. How: Still largely based around OHV and mountain bike riding, first-hand content will be provided to showcase the expansive, yet mostly overlooked, outdoor opportunities in Appalachia. "Mountain Dew" was originally Southern and/or Scots/Irish slang for moonshine (i.e., homemade whiskey). Moonshine and Mountain Dew That girl's got blue jeans she's been Wearing since she was sixteen and they're Ripped where the skin shows through She'll wash her old truck drippin' Sittin' back on the flatbed sippin' Moonshine and Mountain Dew Well she was raised in a small town Yet while Mountain Dew was created as a mixer for whiskey (or, as the name suggests, moonshine), it goes with just about anything. In season four of Mad Men, the ad agency is tasked with developing a marketing plan for the soda offering suggestions for cocktails. It's also very, very rare. The 1935 version has been widely covered and has entered into the folk tradition becoming a standard. Whatever works with lemonade probably goes just fine with Mountain Dew, too. Allow to steep until pretty strong. 517.8k Followers, 180 Following, 598 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from MTN DEW (@mountaindew) Chorus: They call it that good old mountan dew… In honor of their 80th anniversary, Mountain Dew released a cook book of recipes involving their soft drinks! 2 tsp. If you really want to lean into the … Remove from microwave and add a Wild Berry Zinger (herbal tea) tea bag. Many women replace soda with this! ... Mountain Dew is a drink staple among many Americans — especially young people — and is … The minimal decorations include a taxidermy white bird and a picture of a donkey. A Good Girl Moonshine Recipe Roundup of some of our favorite drinks! [13], After PepsiCo bought the soft drink Mountain Dew in 1964, they commissioned a set of advertisements[14] featuring a "Good Old Mountain Dew"-based jingle and the drink's mascot: a barefooted back-country man called "Willie the Hillbilly". Trim Healthy Mama All-Day Sippers. To make the piece appeal to more people, Wiseman added the modern chorus and replaced verses about a man appearing in court with verses about making moonshine. Since I started looking through the Trim Healthy Mama plan, one drink kept standing out to me. Mountain Dew Good Girl Moonshine Good girl moonshine...this one tastes like Mountain Dew...toddler approved. 8. "Mountain dew" has multiple meanings and origins in Knoxville. Two years later, at the National Folk Festival in Chicago, Wiseman showed his version to Lunsford. Picture this peachy, ice-cold drink in a hammock with good company or a good book. Scotty Wiseman, of the duo Lulu Belle and Scotty, was a friend of Lunsford's. The surprising moonshine history of Mountain Dew. This Ginger Ale GGMS tastes very similar to the popular soda, and is a Trim Healthy Mama-friendly all-day sipper! A Trim Healthy Mama-friendly sipper that can be enjoyed all day long. Hot Detox Tea, (aka GGMS) Grape Good Girl Moonshine {THM-Sipper, Sugar Free} Primary Sidebar. The song goes on to extoll the drink and tell of its great properties. Ready to get your Moonshine on? The name Mountain Dew actually stood for mountain-distilled moonshine. “I … There are two versions of the lyrics, a 1928 version written by Lunsford and a 1935 adaptation by Wiseman. The phrase "mountain dew" was actually slang for mountain-brewed moonshine, write Tabitha Waggoner and Jessica Davis for the Tennessean. One more thing. Lunsford was impressed with it; later the same night, he sold the song to Wiseman for $25 ($372 in 2019) so he could buy a train ticket back to North Carolina. It’s a perfect summertime drink and the only thing you need to go along with it is…..a hammock. ¼ tsp of vanilla extract and ½ tsp of coconut extract. [5] In the next three verses, several respected members of the community—the deacon, the doctor, and the conductor—visit the charged man, trying to buy his whiskey. Early bottles and signage carried the reference forward by showing a cartoon-stylized hillbilly. [15], I'll shut up my mug if you'll fill up my jug with that good old mountain dew, Relationship with "The Rare Old Mountain Dew",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 15:15. At first they called it “Personal SetUp,” but it was later dubbed “Mountain Dew,” a joking reference to moonshine. This is the perfect sipper for those germy winter months. [9] Other folklorists disagree, pointing out that the only commonality the songs share is the use of the phrase "mountain dew". The original use of the soda was as a chaser for whiskey in 1932.

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